Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't Lose Your Golf Clubs Like Rory DId

Five Expert Tips for Golfers Who Travel By A. Scott Walton As if Rory McIlroy’s current year in the spotlight wasn’t going bad enough, along comes another calamity to stall his progress chasing Tiger and all the other top golfers on the pro tour. Somehow, following his less-than-awesome (T-23) performance during the U.S. Open last weekend at Torrey Pines, McIroy found himself watching the baggage claim turn belt twirling without the clubs he planned to ply in the Irish Open. Golf Digest calmly reported the news of McIlroy’s tour bag “lost in transit” as the type of incident that happens all too commonly during golf excursions. Even though his chief sponsor, Nike, could probably custom fit, weigh, shaft, mill, shape and test any clubs McIlroy desires on a moment’s notice, he tweeted out like a commoner chastising the airline: “Sort of need them this week... Can someone help!?” We can relate. And over time we’ve cultivated a few common-sense – if not cutting edge – tips for arriving with your trusty clubs. For instance... 1) Explore your insurance options in case your clubs get lost in flight from Point A to Point B. Some homeowners policies may cover all or a large portion of your precious property in case it gets damage beyond repair or lost irretrievably. If your travel budget permits, tacking on the extra expense of airline-provided coverage against loss may be considered. 2) Be mindful that some airline baggage handlers may take an approach to loading your clubs that's akin to John Daly's "Grip it and rip it" attitude to teeing off. The sort of soft-sided and a rain cover for containment may meet many airlines' standards for transporting golf clubs. But equipment that was heavily invested in is probably probably best protected by a hard and compact plastic case. 3) Spare yourself the wasted expense of a travel bag lock that is not on the approved list of Transportation Safety Administration safeguards. By rights, TSA agents inspecting bags full of metal and fiberglass rods and other accessories that raise their suspicions can snap them off without warning or owner permission. Locks approved by the TSA can be easily picked open by trained technicians with little risk to the golf bag or its contents. 4) However you encase them, protect your clubs from their weakest potential for breakage during transport by binding them together (with shrink wrap or reverse tape); make sure clubs with longer and more brittle shafts are protected by stiffer short irons on the outer layer. 5) With careful planning and coordination with your golf destination, you can opt to ship your clubs rather than schlepp them. The leading shipping agencies are adept at packing golf bags in the right sized cardboard containers and delivering them at appointed places and times. And there's a growing number of pay as you play shipping services that golfers can choose from online.
Whatever your mode of transporting golf clubs by air, costly fees may apply. Butjust go ask Rory if the price is right when it comes to arriving with your set intact

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tiger and Rory Strike Up 'Bromance'?

CNN interview with golf's top 2 players Can this do anything but fuel rumors that Woods and McIlroy will soon be stable mates waving the Nike Golf flag together?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Depressed About Your Swing? Try This!

Lil' Kim Swings in 4-Inch Heels Kudos to the Golf Digest Woman online editors for capturing this critical news about the pressures associated with tour players in general, and lady players particularly...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Golf Digest Salutes Bill Clinton

Magazine Praises 4 'Players Who Give Back'
Here's your first look at one of four alternate covers Golf Digest has unwrapped for its December 2012 installment. In the spirit of giving, the issue focuses on media stars who contribute their time, celebrity, wit and wisdom to worthy causes. Given the choice between President Bill Clinton, actors Morgan Freeman and Michael J. Fox, or Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps, which cover model gets your vote?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Screen on the Green

Golf Digest reels out its all-time favorite film clips. Do you concur? Or should some of these been left on the cutting room floor?

Long Term Memory

Kudos to the Bleacher Report for reminding us what it takes to out-drive the competition... Agree or disagree with its Top 10 ranking?

"Par Excellence" in Mentoring Golf's Next Generation

What's Your Warm-Up Routine?